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At E3 this year, we got a look at Reagent Games' latest installment in the Crackdown series. Crackdown 3 was originally announced all the way back at E3 2014 and we haven't seen hide nor hair of it since Gamescon 2015. The game showed a lot of promise and when it was virtually absent from last years expo, gamers got a little worried. Well at long last, Crackdown 3 came through at E3 with some incredible 4K footage and a release date along side the Xbox One X.

Crackdown 3 Refresher

So for some gamers, they may have forgotten about Crackdown 3 all together. Understandably so, usually when a game drops off the radar for a year and a half, whether or not it will make it to market comes into question. So for the sake of simplicity, we'll do a quick rundown of the game.

Crackdown 3 is a follow up to Reagent Games and Sumo Digital's 2010 Xbox 360 hit, Crackdown 2. The game is an open-world action adventure and has been compared to games like Saints Row in the past.

What Makes Crackdown 3 Awesome

Gamers were dazzled by a 4k gaming demo of Crackdown 3 at E3 2017 this year along side the "most powerful gaming system in the world", the Xbox One X. We also got a release date as well. The game is set to release along side the console on November 7th of this year.

So why are we so excited for this game in particular? Unlike it's predecessors, Crackdown 3 features a highly interactive environment where nearly everything is destructible. The game uses cloud computing to generate a ridiculously immersive sandbox environment.

Another source of excitement is the Dev team. Reagent Games and Sumo Digital are also partnered with Cloudgine led by veteran game developer David Jones. Mr. Jones has been designing games since 1988 and is best known for Lemmings, work on the original Grand Theft Auto and, of course, the original Crackdown. The cloud computing behind the games massive sandbox world is mainly being led by his company.

Last but not least, the E3 trailer we've been talking about. Check it out below, it's nearly 3 minutes of pure explosives, heavy weaponry, robots and Terry Crews of course! In fact, Mr Crews is set to be a playable character in the finished game, if that doesn't make it awesome... The classic neon art style of the series is displayed in absolutely stunning 4k UHD and is definitely worth the watch. Check it out!

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