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The game Unlimited certainly has a lot of flaws, but I believe there is some hope in its future if the developers play their cards right. This game is in early access and under a month old, having been released on July 19th, 2017. The game is being developed by Tbjbu2, clargon, Trentipoo, Elad Levi, EmiSot, and published by Tbjbu2. The game is an open world voxel builder, very similar to Minecraft. In fact, I don’t think the title of Minecraft clone is unjustified.

Overview of Negatives and Positives

I want to start this review on a positive note, by saying the main things I liked about this game. When you click play on Steam, you are given two options, to play, or to update all mods and then launch. Since voxel building games are often modded beyond recognition, this is a nice touch. Another thing I liked about this game is that it seems like the developers are working hard, but at the same time aware how early on their game is. Despite them being self-aware about how early the game is a good thing, it is also a major flaw, because it leaves some questions. The main one being, why did they think 19.99USD was a good idea for a game that is this far away from being finished? As can be seen below they are aware of the situation.


Despite this awareness they are charging 19.99USD for a Minecraft clone that isn’t even close to being finished. This is happening while real Minecraft is only about 27USD. It is clear from some aspects already in the game that the developers want to be much more than a Minecraft clone, but between the pricing and the many issues, they should have started as a cheap Minecraft clone. Once they had a very playable clone, they could then start adding the additional features that starts to define their game as unique, and then a price jack to the current price would have been realistic. In it’s current state, I would only pay 5-10USD for it.

Gameplay in a Nutshell

The one thing that really irked me in the first few minutes of gameplay was how high you jump. Your character jumps about two and a half blocks which is just insane, if we consider Minecraft dimensions to be accurate each block is a meter. As if jumping one meter in Minecraft wasn’t crazy enough, Unlimited has you jumping two and a half meters, and I cannot stand it. That was the only thing I dislike about the controls and whatnot, everything else is very solid.

Graphics are a totally different story from the solid feeling controls though. It feels like someone is always shining a light in your face, the water looks bad, and everything looks almost blurry. Below is a screenshot to show how bad the water looks and how blurry the surrounding area looks.


Above I also included a photo of a visual glitch. The texture for the tree on certain viewing angles is missing. Although this is frustrating, it’s not that big of a deal considering how early development is and how common an issue it is. I am certain the developers will fix it.

The user interface feels clunky, but is very usable, which is what is important this early on. Although I was a tad confused as to how it works at first, expecting a more Minecraft like crafting experience. I had no way to Google it, because of how small the game is so far, but once I figured it out, it is very easy, and I feel silly for having been unsure. I didn’t play the game long enough to see any storyline, but it seems that there is at least a rough one. This game, taking after Minecraft, seems to be very feature rich, it just needs to be polished.

My Recommendation

What it all comes down to, is this game worth your buy? Well that’s ultimately your choice, but I can give you the pros and cons, and what I think. This game has good mod support, solid controls, and developers who seem to be aware of the situation. Considering how early on this game is most of the problems can be allowed to slide, except for the price and the problems that the price implicates. It’s an unacceptable price for something so buggy, unfinished, as of yet unoriginal, and looks so bad. These problems by themselves aren’t a huge concern, considering how early it is and that its indie, but when you account that they want 20 dollars, this game isn’t worth it, yet. I don’t recommend it yet, but if the problems are fixed, and they make it into more of its own game, and less of a clone, I can see myself recommending it.

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