Top 7 Free Open World Games on Steam

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This list entails my favourites, from my personal experience, I obviously have not played every free open world game. If you feel I missed a game that should be on this list feel free to send us a message on social media, and I'll be sure to check it out.

7: APB Reloaded

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APB Reloaded is a massively multiplayer and open world game that is a great free alternate for GTA. the main point of the game is there are two different sides, the Enforcers and the Criminals, the Enforcers go on missions stopping the Criminals. On the other hand the Criminals go on missions avoiding the Enforcers, or killing them. You can also just play as an open, free roam game. I played this game for about an hour and my first impressions were that it was an OK game. The graphics aren't great and the game play isn't very well explained leaving you confused the first time you play. Enough complaining this is a FREE game after all and it definitely is a good game even though it's free. This game also has amazing customization you can create your own vehicles, weapon skins and clothing. So if you've been wanting a GTA like game, keep it on your radar. You can download APB Reloaded here.

6: Creativerse 


Creativerse is an open world exploration game that kind of reminds me of Minecraft. This game has the familiar blockiness that we all know and love from Minecraft but there are also plenty of differences that set it apart. This game has pretty good graphics for being free, and entirely blocks. Creativerse really concentrates on encouraging community resources. There are a ton of community servers and maps that you can download in a click. There also is a classic single player survival where you collect resources to build bases, houses etc. and fight monsters with weapons you can craft. There are lots of futuristic items, for example, building glove, fancy flying devices and plenty more cool stuff. I definitely think it's worth trying, it's free after all. You can download Creativerse here.

5: Block N Load


Block N Load is a team oriented first-person shooter with a ton of interesting features. Each team has a crystal they must protect, while at the same time try to destroy the other team's crystals. This is where things start getting interesting. You get 4 minutes to set booby traps around your crystals then when the timer runs down it's show time. You can either run in guns blazing or go for a sneakier method of tunneling over to the opposing side and destroy the crystals. This is a very fun game to play casually killing time or even competitively. You can download Block N Load here.

4: Unturned


Unturned doesn't have anything special in the graphics department, in fact it reminds me of Roblox. It makes up for this shortcoming in the huge worlds you can explore full of cities, farmland, forests, and lakes. you can gather natural resources such as wood, meat and craft things such as bows and clubs. You can also go through buildings looking for man made resources in closets, cabinets, and just laying around on the floor.  It also has a ton of vehicles (land, water, and air) and weapons from kitchen knives to sniper rifles which are needed to protect yourself against all the people turned zombie. If you're not busy with PVP or facing zombies, you mustn't forget about the PVE elements. These elements include hunger, dehydration, freezing and drowning. You can tell the creators put a lot of thought into all the small details, for example, consuming something that has lots of sugar or caffeine will give you extra energy. In addition you can find a sleeping roll and make your spawn point anywhere you please. I've personally spent hours in single player mode and I had a blast the whole time I was playing. If that's not enough for you there's also online servers you can join and team up or PVP with other players, Unturned also supports full communication, voice, and text. This is a great free game and I recommend this game to anybody on a budget who's looking for a game to play with friends or just play solo. You can download Unturned here.

3: Heroes and Generals


Although Heroes & General's is not technically an open world game I decided to include it anyways since it has fairly large sized maps and you can use all sorts of vehicles. Heroes & General's is a FPS set in World War II there are many classes to choose from although you do need to progress before you can unlock some of them. An example is air based combat. There are some vehicles scattered around the map that you may use to get around the map, or fight enemies. For example there are trucks, bicycles, and more. This is a very fun FPS to play with friends but you can also play solo on public servers. Overall this is a well put together game and I recommend checking it out. Download Heroes and Generals here.

2: Planetside 2


Planetside 2 is a futuristic open world, first person shooter that has a lot to offer. It has plenty of land vehicles and flying vehicles. There are different classes with different weapons and power-ups, this game is truly a great first person shooter for free. There are a bunch of weapons like missile launchers, heavy assault rifles, and light assault rifles that each come with their own class. With a good tutorial, this game drops you right into battle knowing exactly what you need to do and how to do it. This game is very polished and runs smoothly. I'm impressed such a polished and well made game is free. You can download Planetside 2 for free here.

1: Defiance


Defiance is a massively multiplayer, open world, third person shooter with an amazing story line. You've crashed on a mysterious planet infested by aliens that want to kill you. You need to fight your way through them to survive. You can choose from several different classes that give you many different abilities such as invisibility, super speed, healing, and much more. You can wander around one of the massive maps doing missions including vehicle races, take the point mission, and episodes that continue the story of you on this strange planet. There are a bunch of vehicles and weapons to choose from with a ton of upgrades for them. This is one of my new favourites in my steam library, not to mention my favourite free game so far. You can download Defiance here.

I hope you enjoyed my list of the top 7 free open world games. If you think I missed a game that you think deserved to be here, or included one you didn't think deserved to be here let me know. You can contact us, and through that, me, through any one of our social media pages.

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