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More often than not, we hear a lot about how spiteful gamers can be. Everything from Swatting to shooting mom in the head over a video game. It’s no wonder video games get a bad rep when these are the headlines! How about the other end of the spectrum? How about when two gamers bond to the point that when one is diagnosed with Leukemia, the other drops everything to be there with him? Literally everything, college, career, to help him fulfil his bucket list. That is exactly what Dillon Hill did when his best friend, Chris Betancourt, was diagnosed this past October.

Chris and Dillion bonded their whole lives over video games, hardship after hardship for the two. Back in 2009, Chris was diagnosed with Chronic Mylogenous Leukemia. As one can only imagine the ordeal he face at such a young age, his only reprieve was his PlayStation 2. The only things consistent were video games and each other. The pair had been through a lot together. So when Chris went into relapse this past fall, he was given a year to live and feared that he would never be able to truly experience life the way he wants to. This prompted Dillon to drop his studies and return home immediately. The two drafted a bucket list of all the things Chris wants to accomplish. Of course, a lot of these tasks are video game related.

Now of course you could expect some of these on any bucket list, like #7, “see the Sequoia National Forest” or #13, “lift weights with The Rock” (are you listening Dwayne?). What makes this list unique ,which can be found here, is things like #64, “game with Total Biscut” or #3, “100% achievements in CoD”. But there’s one item on this list that is truly special. Like out of this world, (no not go to space, which is also on there) truly awesome, and why we love these guys so much.

The fourth item on the list is “Break a world record”. Now you might say sure, seems fairly typical for a list of this nature. However, this isn't fitting the most jelly beans in your mouth or most consecutive pogo jumps. What makes this item so unique and amazing is Chris wanted this to be something really special. Despite his circumstance, didn’t want it to be all about him. The record Dillon and Chris want to break is the most bone marrow transplant registries in a single day! And they will be accomplishing this amazing feat on March 1st.

Chris and Dillon are going to be hosting a FortNite Livestream on March 1st to raise awareness for their goal. Epic Games has agreed to officially support the tournament and are even providing some technical support. The cleverly named #FOURtniteWorldRecord Livestream will be complete with pro gamers, big name streamers and a few other guest appearances that we’ve been asked not to mention yet.

When it comes to number 4 on the list, Chris and Dillon really need your help. Not only could this help Chris win his battle with Leukemia, but what Chris and Dillon are doing can also help countless others conquer their adversary as well. Check them out on Twitter @onelistonelife, YouTube, and Facebook. You can also check out to find more ways that you can help and get involved. Dillon and Chris also have their own non-profit,, where you can help others in Chris’ situation. We may not get Chris in to space (any one have Elon Musk’s cell number?), but there’s definitely plenty we can do!

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