Team17 Set To Publish Indie Brawler Raging Justice Later This Year.

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Team17, the monolithic publisher behind such breakout indie-dev successes as
Overcooked and The Esapists have announced that they are going to be teaming up with
veterans of classic devs Rare, now part of Makingames and will be publishing the little-
known arcade beat ‘em up announced in late 2017.

Makingames was founded in 2014 in the UK and boasts the sweet story of a husband and wife duo, Nic and Anna Makin going forward independently into the cut throat world of videogames. With a pedigree ranging from Rare to Big Big and Codemasters and having worked on games such as Kameo: Elements Of Power and Perfect Dark Zero, it certainly seems that this small team has plenty of talent to bring the dream of a game that speaks to their inner child to fruition.

The game seems like it has a definite Streets Of Rage vibe, with players being tasked to
clean up the streets of Big Smoke City, utilising tons of objects and vehicles in the
environment to wreak maximum mayhem for a cinematic (and 60fps) sidescrolling
experience. Ofcourse it will boast multiplayer, co-op functionality and allows the player(s) to channel their inner Judge Dredd by deciding to arrest or KO your lawbreakers for alternate endings and increased replayability. I really can’t wait to give it a try and let you all know how it plays!

I’m also certainly excited to see anything that Team17 decides to publish, especially since both publisher and developer are from the UK, it’s nice to see a British industry leader investing in UK talent.

The game is set to ship in 2018 on PC, Mac and consoles.

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