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As many of you will know, Shadow Warrior Special Edition was recently free on HumbleBundle and is normally fifty dollars US. If you’re anything like me, you grab every free game from Humble Bundle or anything of the sort that you can, and this game was no different. So, the question becomes, is this just going to stuff your Steam Library like so many bundle games do? Or will it be a valuable edition to your already great collection?

The game begins with a cutscene not in the art style of the rest of the game, but I really liked it. I found the visuals interesting to look at, while not compromising on meaning. Once you get into the game the graphics are pretty good, not great, but very acceptable, and besides, gameplay takes priority over visuals.

The gameplay is very fun, and you start by going to a place that is more like a palace than anything, and kill everyone with your sword. Some stuff happens, and you gain powers and more weapons, making the combat very interesting. May I warn you, as fun as it may seem to kill innocent bunnies, beware, kill too many and these things turn into a super boss that I almost thought was impossible to kill, well at least with my beginner gear. As more weapons and ways to kill things are added the combat begins to feel very diverse and interesting, and you are even rewarded for using a wide array of attacks. That’s not something I have seen a lot of games do, and I think it’s a very cool idea.

There seems to be several references throughout the game. This paired with a cheeky and entertaining humour from the main character makes for an interesting experience, even if something isn’t happening right that second.

Is this game worth your download? Or is it just another library stuffer? Well at about only fourteen gigabytes and the amount of enjoyment I got from the first hour and a half, I’d say it’s worth the download if you got it for free from HumbleBundle. I couldn’t finish the game in time for this review but I certainly plan to sometime soon. Don’t forget to keep an eye on websites like HumbleBundle for free games, why miss out on free games? Even if not all of them are great.

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