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The Sabre RGB mouse from Corsair is a mid range to high end optical mouse. I find the aesthetic of this mouse to be very satisfying, in particular, the front portion. The mouse has three lighting zones, the corsair logo, the wheel, and the slanted front part. These can all be edited in the included software and Corsair advertises 16.8 million RGB lighting, but I doubt you can perceive that much anyways. There is a light on the front left, which I haven’t been able to find a way to change in the software, which is very disappointing and throws off the scheme of not only my mouse, but my computer setup as a whole.

The software, although complained about by many people, I found to be easy to use, include a very satisfying range of features, and include lots of built in lighting schemes, which is wonderful. The software can edit actions, lighting effects, DPI, and some other settings. In addition the software can be used to edit all of your Corsair peripherals. This mouse can be set to any DPI from 10, all the way up to 10000 DPI. The mouse weighs 100 grams, which is sort of in the middle of the road for weight, which is just how I like it. The mouse has seven buttons, right and left click, DPI up and down, forward and back, and a button that I can only assume is a programmable button. The scroll wheel is also clickable, as is usually the case. I have found all of the switches in the mouse to feel perfectly weighted, except for the scroll wheel feeling a tad shallow. The switches are a positive overall though.

The feel of the mouse is very nice, it feels almost soft in your hand, I believe this is due to the brushed plastic, which has also provided the bonus of being easy to clean. The mouse also just fits in my hand, with nicely shaped spots for my thumb and my pinky. The only concerns I can see in this mouse, are if you have small hands, since it is a fairly large mouse, if you are left handed, or if you are using an abnormal surface for gaming, in which case you should consider a laser mouse. Other than that, the cable is braided, which is a nice touch, and the USB header indicates that it is for your mouse, which is a very nice touch as well. No more struggling to figure out what cable leads to your mouse.

So, all in all, do we recommend this mouse? Well for 50 USD (on sale right now on Amazon), yes, this mouse has proven to be a very worthy addition to my gaming setup and I would definitely recommend it. If you are interested in buying this mouse, click here.

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