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RyzenWe know that not everyone who wants to build themselves a gaming PC wants to pay an arm and a leg, but they also don’t want old, outdated technology in their PC. Thus, we’ve put together the best budget build with a Ryzen CPU we can muster, for under 650 USD.


The Ryzen CPU we used for this build is the Ryzen 5 1400, although this is the weakest of the options in the Ryzen lineup, it is also the most cost efficient. This CPU although not a killer, will handle most anything you need from it for at least the next little bit, and if not, there’s always overclocking. For the sake of the budget the cooler which comes with Ryzen CPUs will be used. ($158.89). Full Ryzen 5 1400 Specs:

Full Ryzen 5 1400 Specs:

  • Cores: 4 at 3.2Ghz
  • Threads: 8
  • Manufacturing Process: 14nm
  • L2 Cache: 2MB
  • L3 Cache: 8MB
  • Socket Set: AM 4

The Motherboard

The Motherboard The ASRock-A320M-DGS is not anything special by any means, but it is the right socket set, as well as being a Micro ATX motherboard and sporting merely 2 RAM slots. ($54.98).



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Random Access Memory (RAM)

One Crucial 8GB stick of DDR4 memory is going to be used in this build, this RAM is very cost efficient, although is only DDR4-2133. ($49.88).

Hard Drive

No solid state for this build, to save the budget, but the Seagate ST31000340NS - FFP should do the job, being 1TB in size, and being a part of the Barracuda ES series. This hard drive has a transfer rate of 3Gb/s, and revolves at 7200RPM.

Graphics Card (GPU)

Despite having only 2GB of video RAM the MSI GTX 1050 2G OC edition is a fairly new card and will get the job done in most 1080p gaming situations. ($99.99, but $89.98 with New Eggs Mail in Rebate).

MSI GT 1050 2G Specs

  • Clock Speed: 1.4Ghz
  • RAM: 2GB
  • GDDR5 Power: 75 Watts


For this build, budget was a top priority, and thus we went with the cheapest decent looking case that would hold everything well we could find. This case is the Azza, SIRIUS case. ($19.99 on New Egg with mail in rebate).

Power Supply

The Corsair CX450M is a 450W PSU which is rated 80+ bronze, although this size of power supply is overkill, it will provide you with extra wiggle room, along with leaving room for future upgrades. ($26.99 on New Egg with mail in rebate).

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Operating System

If you plan on running Linux, this is all sorted out for you, but if you’re running Windows, it can be found on third party websites for as low as $5, for the sake of not cutting your budget short, we’re going to call it $25. ($25 with Windows, Free with Linux).


Assuming you do not already have a display device the Acer UM.WV6AA.B01 was the cheapest 1080p monitor with a 5ms response time from a major company we could find. ($88.49).


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Wireless Card (optional)

If you want to be able to access the internet from this PC without using an Ethernet cable, you will need a wireless card, a good choice is the Rosewill RNX-N250PCe, making use of the PCI-Express x1 on the motherboard.

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Mouse and Keyboard

Although not a gaming keyboard the Logitech-MK120 is a keyboard that will get the job done and comes with a mouse. ($13.89).


The Logitech G-230 headset has a built-in microphone, uses AUX, and uses channel 2.0. ($34.00)

Thermal Compound

In case you are not aware, this is basically a heat conductive paste which goes between the CPU and the CPU cooler. All that is needed is a small pea sized drop in the middle of the processor, and then the cooler is attached, the pressure and heat once used will cause it to spread. For this build we recommend Cooler Master MasterGel Maker. (4g, $9.99).

Grand Total

All of this, predicting that you needed everything we listed comes out to $607.06. Although it must be remembered that this is in USD, and does not include shipping, or taxes. In order to adjust the list with any changes you may like to make, and to get your own customized price point depending on what you already had from this list, please see this PC part picker list we made just for this.

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