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wow warcraft alliance horde cataclysm leveling guide

Everyone always wants to know about the fastest way to level their World of Warcraft characters, and dungeon leveling offers a unique new way to power level.  The dungeon finder was added with patch 3.3, and it creates an easy way for anyone to find groups to run through dungeons with.  Instead of being limited to the other players on your server, you now have a much larger pool to find a group from.  The dungeon finder pulls together players from any of the servers in your playgroup.  This is why even people who usually play during their server’s off times can easily find dungeon groups to level with.  It also leaves no excuse for not experiencing all of the Classic dungeons from the original World of Warcraft

To try out the dungeon finder, click on the button that looks like a green eye on the bottom of your action bar.  It’s toward the right side of your screen.  This is the “Looking for Group” button, and it takes you right into the dungeon finder.

The first time you try dungeon leveling you’ll discover immediately that you gain experience much faster than you do while solo questing.  Some WoW add-ons like Titan Panel will even put concrete numbers on exactly how much experience you’re gaining per second, but trying the dungeon finder just once will probably be enough to show you how much faster you can power level through this method.

There are several reasons dungeon leveling gets you more experience faster.  One reason is all the elite monsters you’ll have a chance to kill.  Elite creatures give a lot more experience than regular monsters, and you certainly won’t be able to take down any elites by yourself.  It will take all five of you working as a team to defeat the elite creatures you’ll only discover through instance leveling.

Another important factor in the increased experience offered through dungeon leveling is the quests.  Instance leveling alone will bring you plenty of experience, but simply doing the quests that accompany each of the Classic and Burning Crusade dungeons can bring you half of a level or even a full level of experience in itself.  That experience is in addition to all the experience you picked up while you were in the dungeon actually killing the mobs.

Another reason you should do all the quests for each of the dungeons is the fact that you get twice as much experience from the quests as you do for regular solo quests outside of the dungeons.  Blizzard considers all dungeon quests to be much more difficult because of all the mobs and elite monsters you’ll find in them.  This is why completing just four dungeon quests is equivalent to completing eight solo quests on your own.

Instance leveling with the dungeon finder is a great way to get a lot of experience very fast.  You’ll probably even find that you spend much less time being dead and a whole lot more time actually killing monsters and getting experience.

wow warcraft alliance horde cataclysm leveling guide

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