Planet Alpha Joins Team17 Label, Announces 2018 Release

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Danish developer Adrian Lazar, ex IO dev and having worked on such games as Hitman (2017), Hitman: Absolution and Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days, has teamed up with UK publisher Team17 with the intention of bringing his solo project, over four years in the making, to PC, XboxOne, Playstation4 and Nintendo Switch in 2018.

This beautiful platformer sees the player character traversing mysterious alien landscapes in the hopes of finding their way back home, or maybe uncovering the myriad secrets of this world which teems with life. You will discover ways to manipulate and control the environment as you progress on your amazing journey into the unknown.

The expansive odyssey that Adrian Lazar and his team hopes to take us on is given new credence in this move and the excitement is sure to only mount as more information comes to light.

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