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There are tons of gamers out there who are longing to break into the eSports circuit. Any serious gamer holds a yearning in the deepest recess of their heart, even a small yearning, to one day play games professionally and become a sponsored player. That may not be a reality for everyone, but before reading, you will at least have an idea of where to start your journey!

Introducing Uproar.GG!

You may have heard of them before, but if not, that's why you're here! is a relatively new eSports platform that's open to all. They host a lot of the popular eSports titles currently out there such as League of Legends, Smite, Destiny and many, many more! FPS and MOBA not your thing? No worries, they also host games like Halo Wars or Neverwinter Nights. Uproar is also adding games constantly, so even if you were to get board owning LoL, you likely won't have to wait long for another title to come along that you can dominate!

Uproar basically serves as a platform for eSports enthusiasts to get together and actually be apart of the phenomenon. They have new tournaments being posted daily. Most tournements will pay out Uproar's in-platform currency, UP or Uproar Points. This can be used for a variety of things such as in-game purchases, gear, gift cards and more! You're probably asking, "that's cool but what about getting paid?" YES! There are indeed cash prize tournaments.

Be A Part Of The Community

Possibly one of the best features of Uproar is their communities. It's not just about gaming for cash and prizes. Uproar communities can be specific to a certain title, region, country, or just style of gaming. A lot of the communities are member run. You can form teams, host tournaments, and compete against each other in the leaderboards. Yes, leaderboards, what would an eSports platform be without leaderboards. See where you stand against the competition. Match up with players in your class and earn badges, titles and of course, bragging rights!

Check It Out Now!

The icing on the cake you might ask? It cost nothing to get started, it's not one of these pay to play, online poker tournaments. It is absolutely free to register and start competing. There is a premium membership for serious gamers and competitors but if you just want to test the waters, all you need is an email address. What are you waiting for?

Try It Out Now!

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