New Raging Justice Trailer, Q2 Release Announcement!

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Team17 and MakinGames have just released their new trailer for Raging Justice, the Streets Of Rage inspired beat ‘em up coming to PC, Mac, Nintendo Switch, XboxOne and PS4 this spring.

The trailer features tons of gameplay, showing the player characters wielding a host of weapons; from axes, hammers and Baseball bats to TASERs, shotguns and even a Pigeon! It also exhibits a lot of the fighting moves and action to be expected in the release, evoking memories of Double Dragon mixed with 90s action movies and even throwing people into, and indeed through, bears!

We’ve also been told that these weapons won’t just help you smash down the bad guys in Big Smoke City, and that the game will feature friendly fire, meaning you’ll have to be extra careful where you throw that bar stool!

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