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Ghostly Horizon is a quaint and curious little game from the hitherto unknown talent
Markus Boberg, who says he has been working for upwards of forty hours a week since
march 2017 to bring us this “low-poly”, 3D, spell-casting shooter.

The look of the game is quite simplistic, but it’s colourful, rounded, bubble-like style gives
you plenty to be able to enjoy yourself with while you’re zooming about a fully spherical
environment, navigating quite interesting landscapes as a magic-hurling ghost. You have a few abilities to use against the horde of other ghostly creatures who wish you ill and each encounter quickly turns into a matter of positioning your force field for maximum effect and getting the most skillful shot to take down your foe.


I enjoyed my time with this game even though a lot of the excitement I feel is due to the
features promised to arrive but not yet implemented within. The choice of skills are very
limited, but I would definitely love to see what this dev can do with the endless possibilities the sprawling maps he has created afford.

This game, when suitably fleshed out with it’s intended character customisation system
and a raft of new and interesting spells could really offer a compelling multiplayer
experience, with two teams of wobbly ghosts experiencing something I would imagine is
very similar to paintball, in that the projectiles move quite slowly, the world is large and use of terrain and strafing is important.

The various game-modes provide a decent amount of variety to get you started, there is a
survival mode which just has you surviving as long as you can against more and harder
enemies, an Invasion mode that forces you to close invasion points that spawn big
baddies that throw rocks at you and an arena mode which allows teo teams to fight in a
smaller area, all of these work well in providing you with different and unique gaming
experiences using the tools at this game’s disposal.


One thing I think I would really change about the game, or rather, one thing I would personally love to see, is a more dynamic system of movement. Right now, you press forward and you glide until you lift your finger after which you come to a dead stop.

The game enters steam early-access on April 4 th and will be free before it releases in the
future, the developer has also said that if you enter early access, you will get the game
free forever, even after the release date and even then it will most likely be less than ten

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John Steadman

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