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To many people, one monitor is quite sufficient, but in some work or gamingenvironments people opt for two or more monitors, personally I use a dual monitor setup andmay be moving to tri monitor in the not-so-distant-future. So, to those of you without anyexperience with these kinds of set-ups, this may not make a whole lot of sense. And that’s here
I come in.

Monitor Setups In Work Environments

In a work environment, there can be many reasons why a company opts to provide their employees with more than one monitor. The main reason appears to be fairly obvious, multitasking. With a multimonitor setup an employee could have stocks, word processing, a communication line with their boss, and something else open all at the same time. Although, the real reason this article exists, has nothing to do with work, so let’s move on.

Monitor Setups For Gaming and Enthusiast Environments


Many gamers rock dual monitor setups to allow for games on one monitor and Discord, Skype, or their other voice chat application of choice open on the other monitor. Running in full screen borderless allows for seamless transitions outside of the game onto Discord and back. The more enthusiast, and or high-end gamer set-up is tri monitor, or even more. The purpose of this is to allow for the monitors to go to your sides, filling even your peripheral vision with gaming goodness. This results in a much higher state of immersion for games with no VR support, usually these monitors are 1440p with high refresh rate for the best balance between resolution and refresh as possible for an improved experience. Although 4K and 1080p setups are also common, depending on the gamer or enthusiasts needs.

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