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Legends of Ellaria is an indie game being developed and published by Larkon Studio. This game is being sold at 21.99CAD or 19.99USD. This seems a little expensive since it was only released the 28th of July 2017, but I’m willing to forgive that since this is a very ambitious idea the developers are undertaking. What makes this game ambitious is that it is a third-person game, but at the same time an RTS.

First Impressions

When you first load into a new game I was a little disappointed, as I could not stand the way that it looked. I will include a photo below to show what I mean. I will also include a comparison photo to show that it does look nice, when the area is well lit. This is a reoccurring problem, that the game looks bad whenever it is dark. The premise was good though, the castle was falling, and you retreat through a portal and start a new kingdom in a new world called Ellaria.



The graphics in this game are good enough, especially since this game is still so young. Although it does get so hard to see what’s going on at night that it becomes unplayable. In addition, when you switch to RTS mode, how nice the daytime looks in third person is
destroyed, since it darkens everything for some reason. Other than that, I really do like the graphics of this game when how early it is in development is taken into consideration.

I dislike the user interface of this game, although I can assume that will improve with time. It likely looks the way it does because the developers are prioritizing other things which is totally okay. It gets the job done, and that’s good enough, for now. The only thing I don’t like is that whenever you talk to someone there are subtitles at the top, which is good, but it pauses everything in the game just as it was. It feels unnatural. You can see a screenshot of the user interface below.


The story line is good, from what I can tell so far. It’s hard to imagine how in depth it is from how much I was able to play, and it’s hard to see where the developers will take it. Despite the inability to know for sure, I have high hopes for the story of this game. The game feels very feature rich, I didn’t have time to get into everything but with the combination of RTS and third-person RPG it feels like you could play for hours on end and not get bored. If you enjoy this style of game that is. Between the kingdom construction, the caves to explore and the many quests given to you by your advisor, I can’t see getting bored very quickly. Although, I keep coming back to the terrible handling of when the game is dark.

My Recommendation

Legends of Ellaria, is it worth the twenty bucks? Well, in my opinion, there’s a couple things I would like sorted out before I dished out the cash. Although, I do think in the very near future it will be a very good game for the price. Especially if the developers keep up the current steam they have. The game blends third-person gameplay and RTS gameplay in an enjoyable
way. The game needs to work out its lighting issues and some minor stuff here and there, but I would be surprised if this stuff is not fixed in the mid to near future.

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