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TaleWorlds just recently wrapped up their presentation on Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord. Just to be as honest and upfront as possible, it looks amazing. They've done a lot with the combat engine to really breath new life into the title. Not much was displayed in terms of the campaign map which some players were a little disappointed by, but some details were given. The one thing we are still without, however, is a launch date.


What We Know

So the information that came out regarding the battle engine is simply awesome. We'll get into the specific features in a moment, but they have certainly come a long way from Warband. The combat controls and interface got a complete overhaul as well as vast improvements to AI. Let's take a look.

Sergeant System

Commanders now designate units to other lords in battle, including the player! Execute the orders issued by your commander throughout the fight, and use your own instincts to do your part and help secure victory on the field of battle.

Historical Battlefield AI

This feature of bannerlord is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. The developers have analyzed the tactics and style's of different historical generals like Alexander The Great. Just like the Macedonian legend, a player may come up against an AI that uses similar tactics like Alexanders "hammer and anvil" strategy of using heavy cavalry to push an enemy line up against the spears of his hoplite infantry.

Advanced Formations

Players now have a way to intuitively organize their army in Bannerlord that past installments were lacking. Now players can parse out units of heavy infantry, supported by cavalry and auxiliaries. Players can organize their infantry to stand shoulder-to-shoulder against the enemy while their cavalry test the flank.


Enough of our commentary, check out the E3 trailer for yourself!

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