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Developed by Team Jolly Roger, Interplanetary is a highly tactical Interplanetary battle where players wage interplanetary wars by developing their home planets and firing massive barrages through the unpredictable gravity fields of the solar system. Priced at 16.99 CAD it's a decently priced game that gives you a pretty good bang for your buck. There is an incredible amount of strategy in this game and there is a huge amount of possibilities. Released August 2 of 2017 it's a fairly new title but is still a very polished game. Interplanetary can be played either in multiplayer game mode or single player with AI.

First Impressions

When first opening the game, there is a pretty helpful tutorial that teaches you the basics so you have a basic idea by the time you start. Once you really start playing you still have a lot to learn which is mostly just toying with it, but that’s not too hard. It seems like a simple game at first but really there are several layers of strategy from trying to guesstimate where your attack will land to trying to figure out where planets will move to. There is both an online game mode where you face-off with other players, I found that most servers were either password protected or full, but I imagine as this game grows that will change. There is also an offline game mode where you get to face-off against AI's. You can also adjust the AI's difficulty and name your AI's whatever you please. This is a great game to play with friends as it is mostly oriented as a multiplayer game. Another thing is playing a full match with several players could take days, but that’s okay. You can just save your game and keep playing later. Alternatively, you can play with fewer players so the game is shorter, it's up to you.

Check out my game play video below:


The game play makes sense and is pretty good, the graphics are very good with a good amount of detail. The basic idea of the game is, you start with a planet that has a few cities which you can expand on with weapons, defenses, and power plants to power it all. The goal of the game is to destroy all the other planets while defending against enemy attacks. You must start research once the research is finished you may upgrade or build whatever the research unlocked.

pic 1

On your turn, you may upgrade and target as much as you please. Once you've finished you press the End Turn button and there's an action stage where all the shots are fired and the planets rotate around the sun. The main strategy part is firing, you need to try to predict the movement of the planets along for accounting for the gravity that will throw off you barrages. Another layer of this game's strategy is gathering intelligence on enemy planets, by building intelligence buildings and satellite's which help you locate their buildings allowing you to target them. You must generate power, you start by using solar plant's but you may develop and build nuclear power plants. Be careful if one gets hit there will be radiation in the air polluting the environment and decreasing your population. Another thing you must do to expand your city and arsenal is to build some mines to collect the natural resources, be careful though if mined too much your planet can run out of natural resources thus keeping you from collecting more resources from that mine and hindering your buildings progress. There are several weapons to choose from including rail guns, missile launchers and laser beams and plenty more, that will help you in your quest of destroying all the other planets.

pic 2

My Opinion

I find this to be a quite interesting title, I enjoy the game play, the idea of planets in space orbiting the sun and needing to fire while estimating the movement of other planets and their gravitational pull on your weapons. The multiplayer possibility is a great feature but I wish it had some public matchmaking. This is definitely a good title you can play with friends.

Here are some pros and cons:


  • Good Graphics
  • Overall Gameplay
  • Multiplayer
  • Single player
  • Amazing Strategy
  • Well thought out
  • Good physics


  • No matchmaking
  • Not enough buildings

That's all for the review. You can find the game below.

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