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So apparently this is a big deal in the eSports community. How do you spell it? Is it eSports (as we type it)? Esports, esports, e-sports? Apparently we were wrong according to the AP. The verdict is in, and the proper spelling is esports. Plain an simple, no more debate, this is how it's done. Even ESPN is getting in on the argument, but the AP has officially settled it.

The AP move came as there was quite a bit of confusion as to what the 'right' way to represent the industry actually was. Now to most it's a silly little detail that doesn't really matter. To gamers on the other hand, at least gaming writers, it was a pretty big deal.

Oskar Garcia, assistant sports editor at the AP, had this to say:

"We've had editors around the country ask us for a ruling on esports and rightfully pointing out that we were using several different styles in our own copy. They just wanted to know what was the right move."

According to a tweet by ESPN's Esports (ALSO WRONG!!!) vertical editor, Darin Kwilinski, the AP have updated their style book to show the 'proper' representation of the term. To a lot of us, this officially settles the debate.

So in the end, we just wanted to sincerely apologize for being on the wrong side of this. We will stop using the term eSports, which is apparently way out in left field. Although probably one of the silliest parts of gaming, us gamers are, if anything, very attentive to detail.

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