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As of late AMD graphics card prices have sky rocketed, and it seems like the whole Bitcoin mining craze all over again, so what gives? Well, in case you had not noticed, right now AMD cards carry a hefty premium over their normal retail prices. This is because of a low stock of them, which has been fueled by tons of “miners” buying as many cards as they can to mine Ethereum. Which, in case you hadn’t heard is a new cryptocurrency much more profitable than Bitcoin, at least in the present time.

Ethereum & AMD

Now, the little gritty details of how crypto-currencies work is not the subject of this article, your hope for a budget AMD card is. Just like when Bitcoin mining blew up, the only solution is to either wait out the storm, or get an Nvidia card which are affected by this in a much smaller way, since they deliver lower bang for your buck, along with being notoriously bad for mining any sort of crypto-currency. Feel free to laugh at anyone who bought Nvidia for mining.

The current value of Ethereum, or ETH is 335.17 USD(442.91CAD). Now this is down slightly, about 6% from just the other day, but both ETH and BTC recently took a big hit, mostly recovering quickly making an only 6% drop in longer term. Although this just goes to show the
unstable nature of the crypto-currency mining, and buy/selling business.

Although we would never advise you to get involved with a crypto-currency, for no reason other than the fact that they have such high risk involved with them; if you did want to get involved with one, the Ethereum train hasn’t left the station yet. It’s not too late to jump on the bandwagon. Although if you are, there are several factors to keep in mind if you plan on taking the mining method.

For starters, note that it will take at least a month or two to receive return on your investment on your mining rig, although once you do, it will be a comfortable amount, and be very sure to include the cost of running such a device. Remember, power isn’t free. Secondly, sell your ETH when it’s values are high, if you do this you will ensure the best return for each ETH coin, for lack of a better term.

If buying and selling is the approach you would prefer to take, keep in mind that the market is always changing, all the time, and it’s the general idea of buying low, and selling high, just like any old stock. Although since the value of ETH has been steadily inclining despite the recent 6% drop, you would probably see return if you bought some at any old time then resold about a few months later. Although, considering the recent drop of 6%, right now is probably the best chance to buy you will get in a while.


Obligatory Disclaimer

We want to explicitly say we are NOT responsible for any losses when we say that, if stock decreases, do not panic and bail, because this is normal for any stock or what not, they go up and down, it’s a healthy process. In fact, if it goes down a substantial amount, wait until it seems to have bottomed out and buy some more stock, because when it rebounds, all the way up past what you originally paid, you’ll be glad you did. One last time, InfoGamer and its associates are not responsible if you go and lose your money like an idiot, we are simply telling you why AMD graphics cards are hot right now, and how you could get involved with the reason behind it

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