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Galactic Junk League is a Highly tactical, competitive sci-fi combat/building, RPG, multiplayer, free-to-play game. With a bit of MOBA, and a bit of sandbox. You can build anything and fight anyone. Developed by Pixel Federation and released on July 26th, 2017, Galactic Junk League is a fairly new title. Even so, it has a surprisingly low number of bugs and runs smoothly. This is a great free game, especially if you're looking for a free casual game to kill time with your friend(s).

First Impressions

It looks polished enough for a free game. It offers a very helpful tutorial to teach you the basics, and when you are finished the tutorial, there is a button listing all the controls on the top of the screen in case you need it. This game has a very casual feel with graphics comparable to Team Fortress 2, except with ships and you build in space. I really enjoyed playing this game, it’s a great game to kill time especially with friends. There is a huge amount of possibilities, building your own ship really adds something special to this game. The maps are decently sized, big enough that it's not too cramped but small enough that you will encounter enemies wherever you go. Another thing I noticed right off the bat is that you have a slightly assisted aim and you can take an outrageous amount of damage before you die, meaning you probably will only die once or twice every match.

Watch my game play video of Galactic Junk League below:


Once you finish the tutorial you get to build your own ship, you can choose from a bunch of templates. For example, scouts that are fast but don't have much armor and guns, or you can build a bigger ship with a ton of guns and shields but it will be slow, the options are endless.  This part was a lot of fun, you can build some quite interesting ships, and it's a very clean process that makes sense and is simple to get the hang of.


Next, it's time for battle! The first time you play, there's a tutorial battle, where you can get the hang of the controls like flying around, shooting things and using power ups. Once you've finished that, it's time to go online, where things get real. After you join a server, you just fly around, shooting the enemy team's ships and capturing all three points.  Once you have captured a point, make sure to leave someone behind to defend it. Your team will increase their score when taking points and destroying enemy ships. The first team with a score of 1,200 wins! This game feels smooth and the graphics are decent, nothing special though. 



Overall this is a very playable game that would probably mostly please the younger generation, but is still fun to play around with. I definitely think it's worth giving a shot. The whole building your own ship is an interesting idea and I think it works great. The ability to use skins also adds another layer of customization. I think upgrading/building should be a little more limited. You can build as much as you please if you don’t put too many weapons and use up all your CPU, but there should be a limit to the number of pieces of scrap you can use. As you play, you would find more scrap and add more to your ship. Now let's go through the pros and cons: 


  • Customization
  • Gameplay
  • Fast Paced
  • Style
  • Good Multiplayer Support
  • Good Soundtrack


  • Boring maps, need more obstacles etc.

I personally enjoyed this game enough to play it during my own free time. The sheer possibilities in customization is lots of fun. I recommend this game, especially to the younger gamers and, even if you're older, it's still worth trying as you might enjoy it.

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