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If you just watched EA's E3 Conference for it's major title's you might have missed this. EA and developer Josef Fares (the guy behind Brothers: A Tale Of Two Suns) announced a traditional, split-screen co-op, A Way Out. It's kind of strange now a days to find a game that isn't focused on, if not carried by, it's online multiplayer. For some pre-online gamers, this might serve as a welcomed refresher to kick on the TV, order a pizza and play a game together.

EA: A Way Out

Although Fares has stated there will be online capabilities, his intent was to develop a game that people can play together from the couch. Presumably to cut back on the trash talk as it's a lot harder to dis someone who can throw something at you. The games primary focus is on a story driven Co-op mode following the story of two prisoners trying to escape. It is set to feature driving, exploration, action and more. A release date, though not exact, is expected for early 2018 and will be playable across consoles.

For more information, check out the games release trailer below or go to the games page on the EA website.

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