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E3 is far from over just because the Big 3 have spoken. In fact, these next two days is often the most exciting with a lot to come for the biggest titles this year. None the less, we put together a quick recap of the most exciting highlights from E3 so far and the biggest announcements from Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony! There was so much exciting stuff going on, we had to break this out into three separate articles!


Nintendo At E3 2017

Nintendo has a special place in every experienced gamers heart. Now a days, more of a niche platform, they none the less had a killer E3 show complete with anime and nostalgia galore! Their most recent console, the Switch along with the evergreen title Legend of Zelda installment blew expectations out of the water earlier this year. They might not be the biggest of the Big Three, but they never cease to stand out. Here's a quick recap of Nintendo's 2017 E3 showing.

Fire Emblem: Warriors

I personally have spent many a nights with eyes burning, struggling to find a comfortable position with my Gameboy Advanced with this title. Fire Emblem: Warriors is about as true to the JRPG style as they come. Expected in the Fall of this year, the game focuses on two royal siblings trying to save their kingdom after it was thrown into chaos by an evil dragon. We had a great display of the story line at E3 this year, check it out.

Metroid Prime 4

Yes, you read that right. Metroid is finally back in our lives! Unfortunately, it was nothing more than a title announcement that confirmed the rumors that yes, a new Metroid Prime is currently in development. We can only assume, but it looks like Samus will grace our screens once again!

Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Rex returns in this JRPG title with anime galore. According developer Monolith Soft we can expect Xenoblade Chronicles 2 to grace the Nintendo Switch this holiday season. Following Rex as he joins forces with an airship pilot to Elysium. Something about the styling and true JRPG style of the game is really captivating. The anime-style of storytelling down to the subtlest detail really makes the game shine and we saw that in the preview.


By this point in the list, you've probably realized that Nintendo is intent on reviving every 90's gamers childhood this year. Although we didn't get a whole lot of details (we didn't even get a proper name), we couldn't leave Kirby off the list. Let's face it, there's something about the pink, lovable fluff-ball and the games overall childish goofyness.


The classic title got a lot of attention at E3 2017. Not only is Pokken Tournement DX coming to the Nintendo Switch, Game Freak announced that they are currently developing a "core Pokemon RPG" for the Switch platform. This definitely gives the games hardcore fan base something to look forward to.

Super Mario Odyssey

Possibly the biggest news out of Nintendo at E3 2017 was Super Mario Odyssey. Our Mustachioed Italian Plumber will be gracing the Nintendo Switch. If you're expecting a traditional platformer you'll be disappointed. The latest installment features a massive open world, or should we say worlds, with 3D Goombas. Koopas and more! Mario also gets a few new powers, like being able to inhabit the body of NPCs by throwing his hat at them. All in all, it looks like a pretty interesting and fun new take on the franchise.


E3 2017 was really great for Nintendo followers. As always, there was tons of nostalgia we got reboots of classic titles like Metroid, a whole new Super Mario experience to look forward too and plenty more. Nintendo also did a great job showcasing the Nintendo Switch platform and all of the great new content we can expect. If there is one thing Nintendo is absolutely phenomenal at, it's keeping the classics alive and revisiting them in new and interesting ways.


Check out Sony and Microsoft's recap's from this years E3.

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