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E3 is far from over just because the Big 3 have spoken. In fact, these next two days is often the most exciting with a lot to come for the biggest titles this year. None the less, we put together a quick recap of the most exciting highlights from E3 so far and the biggest announcements from Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony! There was so much exciting stuff going on, we had to break this out into three separate articles!


Microsoft at E3 2017

We don't like to play favorites here but of the Big Three at E3 2017, Microsoft definitely had a home run. They stepped up their game with no only a cutting edge new system, but with some great titles. Xbox gamers have plenty to look forward to this year and got tons of great trailers, gameplay and more this year. Let's take a look!

Forza Motorsports 7

We got a great look at at the latest Forza title with some nice, crisp gameplay footage of cars I only dream of one day being able to afford kicking up some desert dust.  TurnTen Studios never disappoints when it comes to super cars duking it out for first place. A great answer to Playstations Gran Turismo. Creative lead even showed off the flagship 2018 Porsche 9-11 GT2 RS that players get to zoom around in on screen. Unfortunately, it does not come with the pre-order bonus though... I know, we were bummed too.


Minecraft Cross-Play

Fan-favorite Minecraft got a feature in the Microsoft announcements. The cult-classic announced at E3 2017 that players will now have the ability to play across platforms. The update will allow you to play on your Xbox, then tablet or mobile, even the Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately, Playstation was left out, likely because the cross-play capabilities will require players to enter an Xbox Live login. Sony was likely out on that. Pretty cool none the less!

Sea Of Thieves

The pirate adventure game of the year got an absolutely awesome gameplay video at E3. The game is actually a shared-world MMO where players will players will sail their very own ship through the seven seas. In addition to swashbuckling galore, would-be pirate adventurers will explore enchanted caves, exchange saber blows with the undead and what pirate adventure would be complete without launching yourself from a cannon? Yes really. Watch the video if you don't believe me.

Assassins Creed Origins

Ubisoft unveiled their latest Assassins Creed installment. Origins follows Bayek, one of the first assassins. You will play as Bayek as you explore the gorgeously rendered Ancient Egypt game world. Not only does the game come with a beautiful new setting, we also got a glimpse of some of the awesome new features. One of which is taking control of Bayek's eagle, taking eagle vision to a whole new level. The latest release also boasts a more RPG-like feel, leveling up abilities and weapons in a more comprehensive way then previous games but with the classic Assassins Creed feel.


State Of Decay 2

Microsoft couldn't let Days Gone go unanswered without a zombie-survival game of their own. State Of Decay 2 shows off the grim realities of survival complicated by the zombie menace. The game is all about choices. In the trailer, a member of the group is bitten and the player is given the choice to spend precious supplies staving off the infection or simply execute the bite victim. Right down to building and customizing the safe house, you will have to make the choices. Fair warning, the game (and the trailer for that matter) are not for the easily frightened. We can look forward to plenty of sleepless nights in the spring of next year.

Middle Earth: Shadow Of War

Although we're still not over having to wait an extra two months, I can't give up on Shadow of War. E3 2017 just gave us more to look forward to! As anyone who's excited as we are, the game is a direct sequal to Shadow Of Mordor, following the events of Talion as the player creates them. The trailer we got showed a more personal side of Talion's followers as well as plenty of swordplay and limb-severing! After the trailer, we kinda want to go get a beer with Olag-Hai and Bruz...

Xbox One X

Possibly the biggest announcement we got from Microsoft at E3 2017. Microsoft's all new game system, developed under Project Scorpio, comes with some impressive specs. Karen Choudhry from Microsoft gave us this: 6 teraflop CPU running at 1.172 Ghz, 12GB of GDDR5 memory, and 325 GB of memory bandwidth. Personally it makes out head spin too. What does it mean for those of us who just love to play games? It's fast and it's beautiful. Players will get to enjoy high-quality 4K gaming, which for some of these title's we mentioned, it's worth the $499 price tag. We also got a release date so we can start saving up, November 7, 2017.


As we said at the beginning, we really feel Microsoft really hit a home run this year. We got some awesome titles coming our way, even if they aren't all exclusives. We also got a sick new console to look forward to with specs that makes even some of the most elitist PC gamers blush. To top it off, Microsoft really put on a great show this year.


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