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The Corsair Strafe gaming keyboard is a very reasonably priced true mech keyboard. I will be mostly addressing the keyboard itself, but I will also make comments which relate to the switches that I chose to have in it. So, for reference my Corsair Strafe came with Cherry MX Blue Switches, my favourite switches, no wrist rest, although I may buy one in the future, and not RGB. The fact that it is pure red isn’t a big deal though, as it matches the colour scheme of my setup very well.

The keyboard is heavy, which is a good thing, it indicates a high build quality. This high build quality is further proven by the deck flex, or rather the fact that there is none without giving it your all.

This keyboard is missing some luxuries that I would have appreciated, but that’s to be expected from a lower price. The things that I kind of miss are a braided cable, a detachable cable, cable management trenches, and macro keys. Although the keyboard can use any key as a macro with the Corsair software. A luxury this keyboard did not skimp on is the USB pass-through, which is a lovely feature I always love to see. I use it often for USB thumb drives.

I love the aesthetic of the keyboard, it’s a simple, yet beautiful look. The Corsair logo is in the top left corner. You can see most everything else including indicator lights in the article photo. A nice touch is the red backdrop behind all the keys, making the key by key lighting feel more fleshed out. Unfortunately, since I chose the Cherry MX Blues the backlighting can only be red since RGB variants of them can be difficult to find. In addition, I find this small trade off to be very worth it, as I love the audible click of the blues, along with how heavy they are compared to Cherry’s other keys. If you’re a fan of loud mechanical switches, these switches are for you.

Corsair included replacement key caps in the box, just for the most used keys while gaming and have a different aesthetic from the rest of the keys. I used the included key cap remover to swap out WASD, but that’s it.

So, do we recommend this keyboard? Well, at 100 USD, yes, this is a reasonably priced keyboard, that we have found to live up to Corsairs good name. If you would like to get the exact model as me, click here, but if you prefer Cherry Reds with RGB, then click here.

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