PlayStation VR in Review

I was lucky enough to get my hands on PlayStation VR last week and have been dying to review it ever since. I have never tried VR before and as a result, this was quite an experience, but it was also not without it’s flaws!   Firstly, I found it quite annoying to set up. […]

Oculus Touch Bundle Sale

Right now, the Oculus Rift Touch Bundle is on sale, for a very reasonable price, making high end VR much more accessible to the masses. Right now, the bundle is only 549CAD or 399USD, at a normal price of 679CAD or 499USD. This is a very competitive price especially considering the HTC Vives 1 149CAD […]

Just How Overkill is 32GB of RAM?

We’ve all been there, deciding on what parts are perfect for the build, but, one problem arises, just how much RAM do I need? Well if you’re just gaming with nothing else going on in the background, then 8GB should be enough RAM for any games you will come across in the near future. If […]

Corsair Strafe Gaming Keyboard Review

The Corsair Strafe gaming keyboard is a very reasonably priced true mech keyboard. I will be mostly addressing the keyboard itself, but I will also make comments which relate to the switches that I chose to have in it. So, for reference my Corsair Strafe came with Cherry MX Blue Switches, my favourite switches, no […]

Sabre RGB Gaming Mouse Review

The Sabre RGB mouse from Corsair is a mid range to high end optical mouse. I find the aesthetic of this mouse to be very satisfying, in particular, the front portion. The mouse has three lighting zones, the corsair logo, the wheel, and the slanted front part. These can all be edited in the included […]

Budget Keyboard and Mouse Review

The Cooler Master: CM Storm Octane is a mouse and keyboard bundle on a budget. For only 72USD at the time of making this article you receive a relatively solid mouse and keyboard combination from a reputable company. Both the mouse and keyboard have choices of seven different RGB colours, easily changeable from buttons built […]

The $4500 Game Driver and Workstation

The CPU Let’s get started on our $4500 (including costs of out of stock items which will not factor into the total price in the pcpartpicker list) gaming/workstation monster. The central processing unit we opted to use for this build is the Ryzen 7 1800X, because well, when you’re doing a nocompromises Ryzen build, is there […]

Multi Monitor Setups: What’s the Deal?

To many people, one monitor is quite sufficient, but in some work or gamingenvironments people opt for two or more monitors, personally I use a dual monitor setup andmay be moving to tri monitor in the not-so-distant-future. So, to those of you without anyexperience with these kinds of set-ups, this may not make a whole […]