New Raging Justice Trailer, Q2 Release Announcement!

Team17 and MakinGames have just released their new trailer for Raging Justice, the Streets Of Rage inspired beat ‘em up coming to PC, Mac, Nintendo Switch, XboxOne and PS4 this spring. The trailer features tons of gameplay, showing the player characters wielding a host of weapons; from axes, hammers and Baseball bats to TASERs, shotguns […]

The Station: Shiny, But…

Video games have been following an interesting trend as of late, and it’s turning them into somewhat of an artform; it’s no longer necessary to be good at some games just to enjoy them. In this respect, The Station is no different. The Station, developed and self-published by a five-man indie dev team of the […]

Elite Dangerous: Beyond Chapter 1 Approaches Release

Frontier, the devs behind Elite dangerous and the amazingly successful Planet Coaster started 2018 by announcing a new raft of updates for their flagship space-themed MMO. Players were promised a new season of updates to follow on the frankly creeping cycle after their first large “expansion” dubbed horizons in 2015. Frontier have been criticised in […]

Assassins Creed Origins | Best Easter Eggs

This top game has more than enough great action to keep any gamer happy. But did you know about these eight top secrets waiting for gamers willing to travel off the beaten path? Check our complete list of the available Easter eggs, and unlock some greatly hidden touches that you may not expect. 1. Aiden […]

A New Classic: Stardew Valley

Whereas triple-A games seemed to dominate the market in years past, this generation has experienced a shift in the paradigm; independent gaming is becoming a new mainstream, and the developers have been putting out some increasingly quality content. One such developer, ConcernedApe, and publisher Chucklefish dropped a major bomb in the form of a charming […]