The Coolest Thing a Gamer Can Do

More often than not, we hear a lot about how spiteful gamers can be. Everything from Swatting to shooting mom in the head over a video game. It’s no wonder video games get a bad rep when these are the headlines! How about the other end of the spectrum? How about when two gamers bond […]

Why eSports Will Change The World

I must admit that I am not an eSports journalist, nor am I a sports journalist, but I am a gamer and I have spent my fair share of time following eSports, namely back in the golden age of Starcraft 2, right around the release of Heart Of The Swarm; back then, League Of Legends […]

Pro Streamer Spotlight: TigressX

TigressX on Instagram This week I had the opportunity to kick around some questions and chat with TigressX. She is a pro Smite player and Twitch partner with quite an impressive following. We dove into a little bit about what it’s like starting from scratch, building a following and keeping it going. Before we get […]

Alternating Current: VainGlory #64 – Halcyon Elite


This week on the AlternatingCurrent: VainGlory podcast, T-Dog interviews the one and only Sweatpants – CEO of Halcyon Elite. For those of you who haven’t heard of Halcyon Elite, they are the first statistical companion app for Vainglory. With the Halcyon Elite App for iOS and Android, you can track your game play and statistics to […]

Online eSports Platform For Beginners

There are tons of gamers out there who are longing to break into the eSports circuit. Any serious gamer holds a yearning in the deepest recess of their heart, even a small yearning, to one day play games professionally and become a sponsored player. That may not be a reality for everyone, but before reading, […]

How Do You Spell eSports?!?

So apparently this is a big deal in the eSports community. How do you spell it? Is it eSports (as we type it)? Esports, esports, e-sports? Apparently we were wrong according to the AP. The verdict is in, and the proper spelling is esports. Plain an simple, no more debate, this is how it’s done. […]

eSports May Be Gaining Traction As A Collegiate Sport


Before you ask, yes, really. What would have been a pipe dream a decade ago is now becoming a reality. Colleges are actually beginning to assemble their own professional eSports teams! Similar to college football or chess or any other “legitimate” collegiate sport, students are getting scholarships to participate on college’s competitive gaming teams.   How […]

ESports To Get First Big Name Franchises

The wide world as ESports is set to get a (not so little) bit wider in 2018. Riot Games of, League of Legends fame, has announced a franchise model for the North American League Of Legends Championship Series (NA LCS) for 2018. The move is expected to bring more attention to ESports in general. Blizzard […]