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When it comes to price vs performance it almost always seems to boil down to the ageold argument of AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) versus NVidia. With the upcoming release of AMD’s Vega lineup of GPUs, we wanted to check out what is worth it for the average gamer right now, before the graphics game is potentially changed forever.


NVidia GTX 1080Ti

Performance GPU

Although AMD is becoming more of a real competitor again as of recent releases and announcements, as of right now (pre-Vega), there’s no doubt that if you don’t have a budget NVidia has better performance gaming cards. Although NVidia’s best performance GPU is the new Titan Xp, they technically have stated that this card is not for gaming, and so for this comparison we will be using the GTX 1080Ti.

The 1080Ti is an amazing card with 11GB of 11Gbps GDDR5X video RAM, running on Pascal architecture and clocking in at a whopping $699.00 USD or $916.99 CAD (prices WILL vary by manufacturer and more). The 1080Ti can run the clear majority of games in native 4K resolution, ultra graphics settings at 60FPS, which, in case you didn’t know is a massive feat. The Tom’s Hardware benchmark clocked the 1080Ti running GTA V in 2K at a minimum of 72FPS and an average 100.2FPS.

AMD Radeon RX 580

Budget GPU

On the other hand, there is the AMD Radeon RX 580 4GB edition which is an awesome choice for a budget build being awesome at 1080p resolutions and passable at 2K. The 580 4GB edition obviously enough has 4GB of GDDR5 video RAM, and clocking in at $199 USD or about $300 CAD. The RX 580 overall is an awesome card for running anything in 1080p resolution, for at least the near future, at a very reasonable price point. This card has often been called the sweet spot for graphics cards between price and power.

Final Analysis

Despite this, the final deciding point in any PC purchase is what you want to do with it. If what you need, as a user, is a good 1080p budget graphics card, then the RX580 or some other AMD card is likely the way to go for you. But, if you plan on doing VR or any 4K gaming, at least for now, the 1080Ti is likely the way to go.

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