Author: John Steadman

Games are more than a passion for John, having cut his teeth on the commodore 64 at a young age, remembering fondly that rafts of floppy disks required to install Monkey Island on his dad’s Amiga 1500, games have been a way of life and a source of endless entertainment. Now all he wants to do is use his boundless experience to help inform and maybe amuse a new generation of gamers in this fast-paced and ever changing scene.

Gold Rush: The Game Review

A new game by publisher Playway S.A. and developed by Code Horizon (both Polish companies who seem to be well versed in casual and simulation games), Playway’s flagship title: Car Mechanic Simulator looks to be a pretty standard monotonous task simulator that hosts a raft of DLC. And Code Horizon, I was interested to find […]

Hand of the Gods Console Review

Roughly three months after the game goes into open beta on the PC, Hand Of The Gods came to consoles on the 17th of october in a closed beta available to Xbox Live and PSPlus subscribers as well as being available by purchasing the “founders pack”, which includes a lot of goodies, for a premium. […]

Why eSports Will Change The World

I must admit that I am not an eSports journalist, nor am I a sports journalist, but I am a gamer and I have spent my fair share of time following eSports, namely back in the golden age of Starcraft 2, right around the release of Heart Of The Swarm; back then, League Of Legends […]

Fortnite: Battle Royale Review

Fortnite: Battle Royale is publisher Epic Games’ brand new entry into the competitive multiplayer Hunger Games style of survival games that have steadily been picking up steam since the days of the ARMA 2 mod DayZ or even the custom Minecraft maps that started off the genre. They recently shot their way to the top […]

Gwent Review

Gwent is CDProjektRed’s foray into the digital collectible card game arena. You assemble a narrative deck of your favourite beasties and warriors then you go head to head with another player’s deck. These kinds of games are insanely fun, they are tactical, thoughtful, strategic and really force you to look at the logical ruleset given […]

Destiny Story Review

I played the original Destiny only at the end of it’s life, shortly after the arrival of The Taken King expansion, I had however seen all the negative points hit on by reviewers concerning the story, it was bland, uninteresting and short, a fact I learned first hand when I blew through the entirety of […]

PlayStation VR in Review

I was lucky enough to get my hands on PlayStation VR last week and have been dying to review it ever since. I have never tried VR before and as a result, this was quite an experience, but it was also not without it’s flaws!   Firstly, I found it quite annoying to set up. […]

Return To GuildWars2

GuildWars2, Arenanet’s flagship MMO will soon be graced with a ton of new content, to the delight of many returning players such as myself. It’s a great little game, blending the old-style questing mechanics of something like World Of Warcraft, with a vastly more compelling combat system and great variety in the scope of it’s […]