The $4500 Game Driver and Workstation

The CPU Let’s get started on our $4500 (including costs of out of stock items which will not factor into the total price in the pcpartpicker list) gaming/workstation monster. The central processing unit we opted to use for this build is the Ryzen 7 1800X, because well, when you’re doing a nocompromises Ryzen build, is there […]

Multi Monitor Setups: What’s the Deal?

To many people, one monitor is quite sufficient, but in some work or gamingenvironments people opt for two or more monitors, personally I use a dual monitor setup andmay be moving to tri monitor in the not-so-distant-future. So, to those of you without anyexperience with these kinds of set-ups, this may not make a whole […]

Budget Vs. Best: GPU – What’s Worth it?

When it comes to price vs performance it almost always seems to boil down to the ageold argument of AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) versus NVidia. With the upcoming release of AMD’s Vega lineup of GPUs, we wanted to check out what is worth it for the average gamer right now, before the graphics game is […]