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This top game has more than enough great action to keep any gamer happy. But did you know about these eight top secrets waiting for gamers willing to travel off the beaten path? Check our complete list of the available Easter eggs, and unlock some greatly hidden touches that you may not expect.

1. Aiden Pearce

Pearce, the character featured in Watch Dogs, shows up in the files on Layla’s laptop. Once you’ve completed the False Oracle quest, a cutscene will play, then you’ll be able to control Layla for a brief sequence. Before interacting with the Animus, check the laptop and you’ll see two folders there. The first features the names Olivier Garneau, the Abstergo CEO of Watch Dogs that ends up dead. There’s also a bill for a restaurant in the folder.

2. Desmond Miles

Check the second folder on the laptop, labelled as Desmond Miles. Within the folder, you’ll find various documents connected to Miles: postmortem report, medical files, and a wanted a poster.

3. Doctor Who

The stretch of water between Sapi-Res Nome and Ka-Khem Nome, in Alexandria, holds a secret stern tardis. Jump into the water and swim to the bottom, you’ll find the white stone tardis on the ocean floor. It can take some swimming around to successfully find.

4. Wadi Al-Hitan Whale Carcass

Check the map, and to the left of Faiyum, you can find a patch of desert that runs alongside the path. Head there, and search for a small lake. Jump into the lake, and you’ll be able to find a whale carcass inside.

5. Mirages

Throughout the game, while wandering in the desert, you may find yourself hallucinating. Various visions can occur, including an oasis, burning the bush, dying fish or birds dropping from the sky. The locations appear at random but are guaranteed to occur if you stay in the desert long enough. If you approach the burning tree, it will disappear. A number of other strange images can appear.

6. Unicorn

If you head to the e-store, you’ll find a unicorn available. Purchase it for a unique new game style. The animal is housed in the Legendary Mounts section.

7. Game of Thrones 

Head to the Mareia Military Storage, found in the Southern region of Alexandria. There’s a table with a note on it that mentions the North Wall, a key location in the hit Game of Thrones series.

8. Isu Armour

This amazing futuristic armour can be unlocked through achievements. Solve all of the Twelve Stone Circles, and pick up 50 or more silica from the hidden pyramids and tombs. You’ll then be able to unlock this great item.

That’s it, our pick of the best-hidden features available. Are there more out there? Probably. Keep searching, this game is packed with a lot more than we ever expected. These eight classic touches are enough to get you started.


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